KPOP Highlight: Dalshabet- “Someone Like U” MV

Dalshabet is looking to shoot “Someone Like U.” Kinda of scary, yet they are pretty hot.

This sounds like 80’s pop to me, which I definitely like and the girls shake it up and look good in the process. While the video premise gives the girls a common goal to get revenge over the same guy, there are loose reasons for them to be in a gym exercising and playing sports? Whatever, it’s a colorful set backdrop. What’s sexy is seeing the girls don weapons and blast the dude at a local club. Don’t worry it’s confetti streamers!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any KPOP anyway and nice to put this up for 2016. This is Dal Shabet’s 9th mini album which you can score at Yesasia on 1.7.2016.

It’s getting even hotter over at Dal Shabet’s official website.  Also like Dalshabet’s Facebook.

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