Tokyokarankoron- “Colorful Colorful / Sandoku” MV

Tokyokarankoron pull out some Weezer-esque riffs for their latest la-la fest “Colorful Colorful” and it’s a hand clapper. Because this is only about 3 minutes long, this track is combined with the much deadlier “Sandoku”which is straight up poisonous.

The combo of light and happy and dark and hard make for some seriously awesome sounds. The video does a good job of matching dance styles with each type of music too. I personally love how Tokyokarankoron is not afraid to explore different types of music, and this is further proof.

Noon/moon is a 2 CD set out 1.20.2015 at CDJapan.

Like Tokyokarankoron on Facebook and explore the shadows of their website.

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