WhiteWood throws down on “MyLife” MV

“MyLife” is a look at WhiteWood’s social life and everyday life. It might be playing cards all Sunday night and dealing with the after effects on a Monday morning, but that’s cool.

Call it slice of life. What’s cool is that WhiteWood continues the hip hop tradition of the rap group in Japan (which is sorely lacking in America). The importance of rap groups, where multiple rap artists share verses and rhymes, helps build the hip hop community and WhiteWood gets this.

I’m pretty sure the core group is 4 MC and a DJ: Mr.Smile(MC)、温寿(MC)、雄猿(MC)、U-Road(MC)、YukihILL(DJ)、yet WhiteWood has an extended community of friends and associates that help the rap culture.

You can find out more about WhiteWood by visiting their Facebook page. Their youtube description also has a string of twitter feeds for you to follow:

・Mr.Smile (MC)
・温寿 (MC)
・雄猿 (MC)
・U-Road (MC)
・DJ yukihill (DJ/TM)

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