Video Pantsu: Vanilla Beans- “On’na wa Sore wo Gaman Shinai” MV short

The girls of Vanilla Beans make a mess of the kitchen as they get hot and bothered for a guest chef in the cooking show video for “On’na wa Sore wo Gaman Shinai.”

Yes it becomes a contest for the man in the middle as the members of Vanilla Beans show off a lot more leg to gain the boy’s affection.

The song is great and but cuts off right during the killer saxophone solo..  so we are shorted again!

Dammit. Avex is showing this on their channel, so they cut off a lot of their videos. Let’s hope we get the full thing. I gotta know what happens!

Oh well, I guess you should look for the triple A single  Onna wa Sore wo Gaman Shinai / Be-nius / lonesome X out 11.18.2015 at CDJapan.

Peer thru the smoke to check out Vanilla Beans at their official website.

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