Daisy*glitteR- “Affectation” MV

Ever feel like someone is tugging at your heart strings? Let’s dive into Daisy*glitteR’s “Affectation” MV.

Af·fec·ta·tion definition: a studied display of real or pretended feeling.  That seems to be the result of someone else pulling your strings and it’s shown in the video as this girl is voodoo dolled and blindfolded and can’t really control her feelings or movements. Once that chain is broken, she’s free to see and move and regain her heart. What a lovely tale and a pretty cool and slightly disturbing video! Go Daisy*glitteR!

Lead singer Yukako has a fine deeper voice and the band crank out a steady hard rock track for “Affectation.” The other members of the band you might recognize as  SEIICHI (ex. ZI:KILL, CRAZE) and TADAMITSU (ex. BLIND GRAPH). It’s worth checking out what else they have to offer. So look up their 3 track single released 10.14.2015 at CDJapan.

Hit up Daisy*glitteR on Facebook and peruse their official website.

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