KOHH strives for Legendary status in “Living Legend” MV

KOHH really wants to be a “Living Legend.” Some might say he already is..

He keeps dropping bomb ass hits, and “Living Legend” is another ground breaking single. As he screams about being a living legend, he’s photographed in multiple fashionable outfits, strolling thru museums of significant art and eye-popping locations.

KOHH has taken his rock star rap star status to new heights, new levels and internationally. I think that qualifies as “Living Legend.” If you dig deeper and listen harder to the production on this track, the skipping synth and clack beats match up with the spinning camera shots and whirlwind videography. It’s a ride you don’t want to leave, because it don’t mean shit when you are dead. Am I right?

Expect KOHH’s 3rd album DIRT to be grimy when it drops on 10.28.2015 at CDJapan.

KOHH’s twitter is also a legend in the making.

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