Team Syachihoko – “BASYAUMA ROCK” MV

The girls of Team Syachihoko are rolling those fists so they can pump you up with a rousing track “BASYAUMA ROCK.”

Yes, Team Syachihoko brings the RAWK. Scorching guitar solos back cute idol pop vocals to melt your face. In the video, the girls are fiercely training for their live stage performance. So when they hit the stage in their colorful costumes, “BASYAUMA ROCK” sounds like full arena rock n’ roll. It’s a vibrant video and TEAM Syachihoko look like they are having fun.

What is truly great is the opening triangle choreography. It’s like cheerleader moves but with attitude. Dig it.

Meet the six girls who make up Syachihoko at their official website. Also visit

Grab the single Iijyanaika on 10.28.2015 at CDJapan. (That’s my b-day yo!)

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