Lova- “Korosareta Melody” MV

You know what’s more punk than skipping school? Going to school after hours and rocking out via Spanish guitar. That’s just how  Lova rolls in “Korosareta Melody.”

This black leather clad punk group head bang out a rock melody, it just happens to feature a crazy Spanish guitar solo. The lead singer’s deeper raspy voice just gives this track that extra punch. “Korosareta Melody” stands out quite nicely in a glut of pop punk as a edgy punk sound not afraid to mix things up. Lova labels themselves as urban hardcore soul. Yeah, I can see that.

On 9.16.2015, expect the album DAMAGE to shake things up. Buy it at CDJapan.

Go to the Lova’s tumblr page to see some amazing underwater rock photos of the band. Expect to wet yourself at their Facebook page.

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