KPOP Highlight: PRIMARY- “Just Like U” feat. Yankie, Jesse

PRIMARY wants to do this and that and whatever. Just remember “they” like U, but don’t love you. So don’t hate, just feel the chill K-hip-hop from PRIMARY featuring Yankie and Jesse in “Just Like U.”

I guess this guy is a hip hop producing hit-maker, making only bomb hits. So of course “Just Like U” kicks all kinds of ass. Rapper Yankie takes point and artist Jesse provides the female chorus over a very jazzy track. Together they sound awesome. That’s what PRIMARY does, puts the right people together, just like on the dance floor in this video. You’ll be bumping and grinding it out to this song.

Primary Vol 2 drops on 8.14.2015 at Yesasia.

Not sure if Primary has an official website or twitter or Facebook, but I’ll keep looking.

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