NG HEAD & CHEHON- “Young Masta” MV

Who’s the masta? Sho’nuff! Who are the masters? I’d give NG HEAD & CHEHON a shout out for Master status with their Japan fight-fu reggae rap single “Young Masta.”

It will have you saying “Haya Haya Ho” and practicing kung fu and shit. Plus NG HEAD has one of the raspiest grittiest vocals and when paired with CHEHON’s cleaner style, these guys have a hot track on their hands.

The actual martial artist in this video uses all kinds of weapons, like a sword and bo staff and slings them like a badass.

Find this track on the notorious  South Yaad Muzik Compilation Vol 8 that was released waaay back on 12.3.2014. Score it at CDJapan. Feel the riddim over at NG Head’s official website.  You can also see what CHEHON has going on at his website.

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