KPOP Highlight: Wonder Girls- “I Feel You” MV

If you feel the ’80s, then you’ll totally feel Wonder Girls retro rock synth jam “I Feel You.”

With keytars and digi-drum kits, it doesn’t really get more 1980’s music than this. You could call Wonder Girls a reboot; It’s a four piece with Sun Mi rejoining the group. Even more interesting is that the girls are really playing their instruments: Ye Eun on keyboard, Hye Lim on guitar, Sun Mi on bass and Yu Bin on drums. Totally radical!

The girls totally rock the one-piece swimsuits, and the video has a major Robert Palmer vibe to it. You’ll also wish you were an ice cube. So hot!

Wonder Girls’ REBOOT album drops on 8.5.2015 at Yesasia.

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