Six Sick Years of Neaux Clicked on it

Turns out after 6 years that I’ve crushed the 5000 post mark reaching 5034 posts since starting Neaux Clicked on it. With 254,038 views and over 87,807 visitors, I can’t believe you people even read this stuff.

The reality is you regulars that visit want to see cool videos and great J-music and K-music. So do I! So thank you guys who keep coming back. I think I average about 140 visitors a day. So I appreciate it. Totally!

So what were the top 5 posts of the past year?

1) Girl group 4TE set for MORE

4TE has a lot of fans and Chii, Jenny, Mei and Micchi put out great music! I was lucky enough to help promote their music, and they in return drove traffic my way. Cool!

2) BudaMunk- “Five Elements” Feat. MONJU & OYG MV

Just this past week I highlighted BudaMunk’s awesome hip hop track “Five Elements.” A whole bunch of hip hop heads retweeted my link and wound up creating over 2945 impressions thru twitter. Damn!

3) 4TE’s new video for “MORE” comes with a WARNING!

Not even epileptic seizures could keep 4TE fans from watching the “MORE” video. These girls really have a great set of fans!

4) Yurumerumo! (You’ll Melt More)- “Hamidasumo!” MV

Kids like idol groups. You’ll Melt More is one of the fun up-and-comers with great videos.


One OK Rock has international rock appeal. These guys have been growing in the U.S. and will be back on tour here soon. So of course people are reading more album reviews. I think 35XXXV is getting an actual US CD+DVD release as well on 9.25.2015.

So there you go. Happy anniversary to me for keeping things sick! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter and like my Facebook page. Also, you can subscribe to my youtube channel where I do my CD unboxings.


3 thoughts on “Six Sick Years of Neaux Clicked on it

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for bringing all these songs I might never ever have found to my attention. Your work is amazing. _<)!

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