Niyke Rovin is higher than F in “Rolling Stones” feat. YOUNG HASTLE & DOGMA

The walls are melting with psychedelic colors in Niyke Rovin’s latest drugged out single “Rolling Stones.”

When you keep repeating “I’m mother F’n stoned” there is a very high chance you are telling the truth. Yet that’s what makes this song a banger. The military beats and chants of “Hey!” are bounce-worthy and the farting synth are truly stomp-worthy. So dance, fool!

DOGMA is totally smooth on this joint. It’s crazy to see how he goes from calm and collected to downright headbanging. Plus, I’m a huge fan of YOUNG HASTLE so his verses are always dope. Speaking of dope, depending on how high you are, you should grab Niyke Rovin’s Amazing Story album released on 3.5.2015 at CDJapan.

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