Negicco- “Nee Badiya” MV

By train, plane or walk in the rain, Negicco  make a trip to Tokyo from Niigata in “Nee Badiya.”

Packing ponchos and umbrella, the girls travel by all means to reach their destination. Sorry for the girl getting stuck in the van..  So if you are a lady on the go this summer, “Nee Badiya” is tailor made for your seasonal theme song.

The three girls take different routes to town but all eventually meet up in the park for one rousing chorus. The sun comes out too, so brighter days are ahead!

Look for this new single out 8.11.2015 at CDJapan. If you visit Negicco’s website, the news section shows you all the various album covers for this single!

I also recommend you check out the Tokyo Girls Update article that goes into some great details about the song and it’s reference to an Earth, Wind and Fire track. Whoa!

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