Illmania bare bottoms for “Let’s Party People” MV

It’s time to get ill. You know a party ain’t a party until the thongs come out. So get into the ring with Illmania if you dare and get your bottom spanked to “Let’s Party People.”

Is there really anything left to say? It’s a party single you’d expect to hear at a stadium event. You can jump jump jump!!or you can bump bump bump.

The song is about 3:30 minutes, but the video runs for 8 minutes. So there is an interview with the group. and some serious S&M outtakes should you want to see more more more and the song then kicks into gear again! It’s exhausting.

Grab it at iTunes.JP out 7.15.2015.

Meet ILLMANIA at their official website and I dare you to like them on Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Illmania bare bottoms for “Let’s Party People” MV

  1. hello! I am a japanese andI have followed you on Twitter for about 5years.I always enjoy the music you recommend! I wonder how you find those exciting JAPANESE music because they are so minor or lesser‐known music in Japan that is not introduced on media.
    I am sorry for my broken English.

    1. Thank you for your support! As you can see a lot of what i cover just comes from youtube video postings and from stuff I see on twitter! Occasionally I get press releases from labels, but it’s rare. Hope you enjoy the music!

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