Recoride- “Kowarenai Paradaisu” MV

Beware the epilepsy inducing strobe lights with Recoride’s hyper kinetic “Kowarenai Paradaisu.”

Also beware the low-budget nature of this video. It’s not fancy, but it’s still trippy. Like do you pick picture A or picture B. Picture A is of course the lead singer or do you pick picture B which looks like an idol. Well I guess we both know the answer to that. PICK “C”.

This song is blippy new wave stuff, the vocalist is super loud shouty, and the synth will put you into a frenzy. This should get your Friday into Overdrive.

Lookout for Recoride’s Freshless album on 7.15.2015 at

Get gender-bent over at Recoride’s official website.


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