L-VOKAL “Keeps it Rugged” with the help of CK, DABO, レイザーラモンRG

You gotta look fly but at the same time look hard and that’s all about keepin’ it rugged. Props to L-VOKAL and his buddies CK, DABO, and レイザーラモンRG for dropping a hot one with “ケペラギ” that shows us how to “Keep it Rugged.”

You need money and need to flash it. Then spend it on the dopest wear around, from kicks to jerseys to hats to bitches. Their words not mine.

“Keep it Rugged” pops pops pops with bubbly synth and the rappers make this song drrty fun. The last dude rules though as he seems to pull off an amazing Ol’ D B inspired rant. Nice.

You want to nab this song off of iTunes.JP as it was released today on 6.24.2015.

Hit up L-VOKAL’s official website. Like l-VOKAL on Facebook.

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