KPOP Highlight: AOA- “Heart Attack” MV

AOA aren’t very good at lacrosse. Mostly, because they don’t wear pads or helmets. But when they step their game up ON and OFF the field it seems they do now how to incite a “Heart Attack.”

The girls of AOA really do get their act together, cup a few balls and start scoring! You’ll being shouting A-O-A in excitement.

The song “Heart Attack” is a upbeat pop track that you may want to try to learn their foot kicking moves to dance along. Fun stuff and damn AOA look good doing it. That locker room scene when they suit up, gots me like Whoa! and made my heart skip a beat I think.

Get an autographed copy of the AOA mini album Heart Attack out 7.28.2015 at Yesasia.

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