Angerme experience highs and lows in “Nanakorobi Yaoki” MV

Does orchestral pop make you angry? It shouldn’t because Angerme utilize string instruments and choir-like backing vocals to take a civilized look at the ups and downs in life in the fantastic “Nanakorobi Yaoki.”

Lessons are to be learned, like patience, trial and error and taking things one day at a time. In the end, you’ll be the one that is smiling! At least the literal translations in the subtitles are keeping me motivated.

The girls of Angerme twirl and twirl around in “Nanakorobi Yaoki” even when they talk about going up and down and the rise and fall of man. Serious stuff.

Don’t think I didn’t hear that killer guitar solo either. This song rocks.

Pre-up on a TRIPLE SINGLE Angerme is releasing on 7.22.2015 at CDJapan. That triple single includes “Nanakorobi Yaoki” / “Gashinshotan” / and “Mahotsukai Sally.”

This Hello Project group has nine members and they are all over at Angerme’s official website.

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