REMOTE GIRL☆ covers Perfume’s “Relax in the City” MV

1,2,3 can you tell me who that is on bass for REMOTE GIRL☆’s cover for Perfume’s “Relax in the City?” It’s the one and only JenniDi joining Chii (both of 4TE.) Looks like she’s fitting in nicely on back vocals and bopping that bass like a rockstar.

Chii and JenniDi together are fantastic! The band does an excellent job on this fuzzy rock cover and the video is a summer dream. Nice use of fades, retro home movie filters and handheld shakycam. And if you are lucky, you might see the guitarist’s face (I think his name is Alexander.)

Get all up inside REMOTE GIRL☆’s Facebook timeline for the deets.

Follow JenniDi on twitter.

If you are one of the first 100 peoples on Soundcloud you can download this single. As respect to Perfume, buy their original on iTunes today.

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