Video Pantsu: Shonan no Kaze- “Hallelujah” MV extended short

Hallelujah! Summer is on it’s way because it’s already May! Shonan no Kaze are ready for summer too with warm water, blue skies, girls in bikinis and fast reggae sounds. “Hallelujah” will make you praise the Lord for good weather and smack your mamma for wearing a thong.

So drive with your top down in your jeep or hitch a ride in the back of a truck and hit the beach. With lyrics like:  “Big Ups! Sunshine and put your hands up,” it’s all about feeling it. Plus the big dude on the motorcycle has a nice deep voice to make this song super fun.

We get a lot of this video, but not the whole thing so make sure to look for Shonan no Kaze’s 6th album out 5.27.2015 at CDJapan.

Shonan no Kaze’s official website has more info on the new album. Like them on Facebook.


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