ACE COOL climbs to the top in “MOUNTAINEER” MV

If your name is ACE COOL, you gotta go BIG. You gotta reach the apex, go to the top and be a rapping “MOUNTAINEER.”

Talk about Badass. ACE COOL knows that to be the best in the rap game, you have to talk a big game. He says he’s a monster, he can’t be killed, he’s a “Mountaineer.” It’s serious, yo and totally awesome. His philosophy is “Don’t Think, Feel.”

The back track consists of techno synth and click clack beats and sirens and everything you can imagine a warrior would fight along beside. ACE COOL’s flow is tongue twisting fast as well.  This is a song to pump you up, pump me up and pump anyone up who’s willing to fight hard.

Follow Ace Cool on Twitter. Look out because Ace Cool has a blog. Cool people have blogs, right?

Keep your eyes peeled on Dreamboy’s tumblr to find out when this single drops.

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