Get Hungry for this week’s haul from CDJapan!

Finally, I was able to throw some more dollars at CDJapan and snag two new albums. Take a peek above at Kidori Kidori and Country Yard’s latest.

Here’s a closer look at Country Yard’s album Bows and Arrows. Also be amazed at how terrible I’m at eating food! BTW, it’s my wife’s Pastichio, and it is actually really damn good. You can get Country Yard’s CD too at CDJapan.

Kidori Kidori’s El Urbano is the other CD I got in the mail. I’ve actually had a chance to listen to this on the way to work this morning and I can honestly say that it’s a blast! There are cover songs from Frank Zappa, the Smiths and John Denver. Sweet. You can score it at CDJapan.

I’m slowly getting better at making these videos. I think. I don’t know? Let me know your thoughts in the comments here or on the youtube site. Thanks!


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