K-Punk Highlight: PATiENTS- “SIPALSEGI” MV

Korean punk act PATiENTS have been kicking around since 2005. But after some downsizing of the band and a re-imagining of their sound, PATiENTS have replaced their guitars for pianos for a “hybrid punk” style which you can hear in their single “SIPALSEGI.”

“SIPALSEGI” still pushes that punk attitude. The banging on the piano shows fight as well, but adds an immense melody and playfulness when accompanied by “la la la and na na na’s.” It’s a great single to open their new album.

PATiENTS’ upcoming album 18 is their first album sans guitar, highlighting just the drummer, bassist and keyboardist.  Look for it at Yesasia on 5.4.2015.

You can actually hear cuts from the new album 18 at their Bandcamp and soundcloud pages.  “R.I.P.” and “Idiot vs. Psycho” should give you a taste of PATiENTS’ range, but check out all the songs if you have a chance.

UK fans should get excited because Patients will be showcasing “18” in May around London and at the Liverpool Sound City music festival.

Here’s the group’s UK tour schedule:

May 19 London, England @Korea Cultural Centre UK
May 23 Liverpool, England @ The Heineken Tall Ship Stage (Kaskelot) – Liverpool Sound City
May 24 Liverpool, England @ The Cavern Stage – Liverpool Sound City

Also expect to see and hear PATiENTS at South Korea’s Soundholic Festival 2015 Exit and occasional gigs at the Seoul live space they have owned and operated since 2013, Steel Face Rooftop 3639.

So go ahead and like PATiENTS on Facebook. Also, check out PATiENTS’ official website for more.

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