Video Pantsu: Saeko Zogo “Triage” MV short featuring Nagareda Project

It’s one thing to pair a hot singer with a backing rock band, but Saeko Zogo and Nagareda Project actually share vocals on the fabulous “Triage” single, and that is just COOL.

Nagareda Project don their paper animal masks and Saeko Zogo shows a whole lot of leg. Again, very very cool. Prepare to spin round and round on this track.

Oh and if you need to up the cool factor any more, this song is of course the theme to the anime Triage X. Saeko Zogo is a voice actress for many anime characters and has a few theme songs under her belt. Check her resume HERE.

I hate that we only get a smidgen of this song and video, but it’s definitely enough to entice.

Saeko Zogo’s single drops on 4.29.2015 at CDJapan.

Hit up Saeko Zogo’s blog and follow her on twitter.

Check out what Nagareda Project is up to at their website.


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