Cypress Ueno & Robert Yoshino- “Yatte yaru tte” MV

You do you and I’ll do me. and Cypress Ueno will keeping doin’ what he’s doin..  blowing up. His latest in a stream of single releases is “Yatte yaru tte” which just shows how busy this man is.

This track is produced by Lil’Yukichi and it’s synthesizer funky. It’s so funky that you wouldn’t believe all the guest stars making cameos on this video. So cool!

Hey did I just hear a beastie boy sample? Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open, this song and video keeps it coming.

Look out for the album CONDOR that swooped in on 4.1.2015. Snatch it at CDJapan.

Cypress Ueno’s official website and Facebook keep it Rrrrr.

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