Video Pantsu: WHY@DOLL- “Aimai MOON” MV short

I can’t understand my feelings about this moon. It’s power is sparkly and bright and yet I feel so alone. At least, WHY@DOLL shoot the moon in their latest jazzy single “Aimai MOON.”

It’s an upbeat track with jazzy horns and pitter patter drums. I gotta say, I actually like the song. It’s sort of 80’s, it’s sort of loungy, but it’s all sparkly pop.

And the two girls who make up WHY@DOLL might knock you backwards with their flailing arm movement choreography. At one point I’m pretty sure they are motioning the  “stirring the pot” move. Whaa?

Anyhoo, the moon makes you do crazy things. Like, ordering this single released on 3.18.2015 at CDJapan.

Unravel Aoki Chiharu and Uratani Haruna at WHY@DOLL’s official website.


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