Yurumerumo! (You’ll Melt More)- “Hamidasumo!” MV

Japan’s water supply is turning into Soy Sauce. Only one group can save its citizens, Yurumerumo! The girls of You’ll Melt More arm themselves with toy plastic guns to take out the grand wizard of soy sauce and his henchman. You can’t make this shit up. Just sit back and watch “Hamidasumo!” maybe with a side of edamame.

YLMLM! you say? These girls blast off and fight crime better than any low budget action show on TV thanks to some killer special effects from a shocking guitar that blows up enemies real good. (Props to Mani Kato for another glorious video).

The song “Hamidasumo!” is actually pretty wild with laser sound effects. Spacey synth and robotic voice sing alongs. “Are you ready? Hamidasumo!”

Fun stuff. This single is out 3.25.2015 at CDJapan. There are different covers versioned out for each member of the group.

Melt away at Yurumerumo!’s official website.

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