KPOP Highlight: EE’s Dear Door Single review and “Wiggy Dawn” MV

As EE plans to shake up SXSW, they drop a new single Dear Door on 3.13.2015 which is currently available on US itunes.

This three track special release is highlighted by the computer clogged video for “Wiggy Dawn.” Know how your computer slows down when you have too many windows up at the same time? Expect freeze frame issues when watching the glitched out facetime freakshow for “Wiggy Dawn.”

This single does has its charms from the haunting synth and dirty rap break down. It’s hip hop, it’s dancey, and it’s in your face.

“Knock the Door” is a click-clack beat vocal sample with turntable scratches that is a little less radio friendly and more experimental. It’s still pretty hype for all hip hop heads.

“No.417” synthesizers drip and ripple with stunning vibration. It’s quite chill compared to the other two songs, but sails along with a killer groove. While “Wiggy Dawn” is all about moving, “No.417” is slowing it down and taking in the scenery. It’s really good.

If you’ve got 3 bucks, you’ve got no excuse not to pick up EE’s Dear Door Single. It will convert you to a fan, quite easily.

Very good stuff that just shows how versatile EE really are.

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