AK-69 claims “The Throne” in new MV

Half-gangster, Half-Lion (king of the jungle), AK-69 makes a case for being king of the throne in his majestic musical rap “The Throne.”

He’s a MF gangster who can’t be stopped, so says AK-69. And anyone who’s a recluse in his mansion and surrounds himself with demons and flying skulls has quite a weight on his shoulders.

So it’s proper that AK-69 is back with a new album also titled The Throne slated for 3.25.2015 at CDJapan.

This first track is pretty tight. The drums on this single alone are badass. The autotune might be a lil bit heavy, but I’ll give it a pass because “The Throne” brings back what’s important in rap. Who is the best!

Quit lion around and head over to AK-69’s official website.

Like AK-69 on Facebook.

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