FES☆TIVE – “Omatsuri Hero” MV

We express with our full capabilities now we ready for some FES☆TIVE activities! FES☆TIVE (with the star) are in their awesome little party hats ready for “Omatsuri Hero.”

It’s time to do the stanky leg to the left and to the right, FES☆TIVE do it with a hop hop hop in this wonderful dance. It’s another spazzy idol pop song that works depending on what festival activity you are attending.

It’s probably a little too exciting for the kimono ceremonial stuff, but works with the rainbow brite outfits.

Omatsuri Hero is out 5.13.2015 at CDJapan.

Visit FES☆TIVE ‘s official website to see which members are truly not thrilled to be there.

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