SOUTHERN FAMOUS- “シーソーゲーム” MV feat. A.J

Dealing with a sick child and having to help that child with a school project before going into work late because of all the snow is not what I would call a “perfect day.”  I think SOUTHERN FAMOUS and his crew might have better luck, because they are able to play the “seesaw game” in “シーソーゲーム” and you can hear about their own idea of a perfect day.

SOUTHERN FAMOUS along with A.J lay down the track with quick fire rhymes and a bouncey chorus that easy to learn and wil’ out with.

So throw them ‘bows over the rattling percussion beats and look out for Southern Famous new mix Man of the Year Vol 1 out 2015.3.5 on clux.

Follow SOUTHERN FAMOUS on twitter.



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