3 min. – “Panorama World” MV

3 min. are all smiles in their video for “Panorama World.” This quintet girl group are supposedly bringing EDM lite to the idol scene and this single is indeed bubbly and danceable.

When 3 min. bounce in their tennis shoes and black skirts, they are indeed happy. I mention their smiles because these girls have mastered huge teethy grins and are very pretty. The song is actually kind of nice too.

Their single Panorama World drops on 11.19.2014 at CDJapan.

So why are they called 3 Min.? According to their website, the songs should be around 3 minutes in length and the girls have choreographed dances to that length, so they dance x 3.

Meet the girls of 3 min. :Aizuki Hina, HIsamatsu Kaori, Mayu Watanabe, Ayaka Minami and Moeka Kashimoto at their official website.


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