The Opening Cloud -証 PV

This is one super long video for “証” which I guess means Akashi… which is also the name of a local sushi joint here. 0_o. Anyway, remember that time you met the band? Of course you don’t, but this one guy did, and we get to see how he did in the PV.

Turns out he was in the band originally and left. Douche.

As for the song, it’s is a lite-rock track until we get to the 4:15 mark and its guitar solo heaven! The clouds open up and say “LET THERE BE ROCK!” Then it gets back to the lite-rock stuff.

As for the moral of the video: Don’t be a douche and quit the band to work as a business suit. Rockin’ out always wins in the end!

Score The Opening Cloud’s new album Trichrome out 11.3.2010. Get it at or

The Opening Cloud’s website. New official website. twitter. and myspace. Get some.

3 thoughts on “The Opening Cloud -証 PV

  1. We heard them two days ago in the streets of Kyoto, near Pontocho, and it was awesome !
    And we bought a CD of them.
    Great band !

    I’m trying to get a beautiful untitled song but I can’t…

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