Miu Sakamoto-More Phantom Girls First Love

The short version of “Phantom Girls First Love” is out on Miu Sakamoto’s official youtube and actually shows a lot. 2:50 seconds worth of the song. I really love the track, and Miu Sakamoto’s voice is heavenly. She should be a part of lillith fair.

I also think this big cat head thing is starting to look more like the fuzzy dragon from Neverending Story. Nice.

Oh and do you know what is sexy? Kick Drumming.

You know you want more. So head over to her myspace to just listen to the tracks. Check out her updated Phantom Girl website here, and also follow her adventures on her official website. Don’t forget you can follow her too on twitter.

Phantom Girl is out now May 19th, 2010. Order this album from yesasia.com.

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