Youmou-to-ohana PV for Tadaima, okaeri

from youmou-to-ohana's official website

Youmou-to-ohana released their newest album in December of 2009. Well the fine folks at LD&K records have finally added Youmou-to-ohana’s video to their youtube page.

You can order their album Docchini shiyoukana at Amazon of japan right now which contains 13 tracks and the readers have given it 5 stars!

Also check out their official website and visit the LD&K english site here that helped me translate the song and album title!

I honestly don’t know much about the band, except there is Youmou and Ohana. but the song is pretty and the video tries its best to make you weep. Check out Tadaima, okaeri below:

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